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Pomegranate’s Heart Healthy Properties

Pomegranate’s Heart Healthy PropertiesPomegranate has a long history of being good for the body, and its tartness has also made it a longtime favorite. As research into its effect continues, there may be more to pomegranate than originally thought. Today, pomegranate may also pack other positive qualities, including antioxidant, anti-depressive, and even heart protection properties.

Pomegranate is often used as a way to naturally deal with inflammation. Using a mechanism called peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma (PPAR) that modulates the body’s immune processes, pomegranate may assist the body in healing quicker when it’s attacked by intruders like the coronavirus. PPAR is found in the seeds and it can reduce inflammation as well as working positively in other systems of the body like the nervous, digestive, and circulatory system.

Pomegranate juice is packed with those aforementioned antioxidants, all of which can play a role in cardiovascular health. As such, it may be useful in keeping cholesterol and blood pressure levels in check, as well as preventing atherosclerosis, also known as the hardening of the arteries. Furthermore, since it’s low in carbs, glycemic load, and provides insulin sensitivity, diabetics may wish to consider adding pomegranate to their diets, in moderation of course.

To read more, please visit https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/09/07/pomegranates-for-heart-health.aspx.

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