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Add Some Healthy Garam Masala to Your Meal

Indian cuisine has developed something of a reputation for being adventurous cuisine. These dishes are known for their colorful qualities as well as the strong flavors, largely due to the common use of rich spices. Among these spices is garam masala. Garam masala is a combination of a pair of Indian words meaning “hot” and [...]

A More Natural Smile with Zirconia Implants

With today’s advances in dental practices and technology, there are strong options available should you need to replace a tooth. Did you know, however, that you don’t need to opt for the typical gold or titanium tooth? Ceramic or zirconia implants are a superior, natural substitute with many benefits. Ceramic implants are a biocompatible solution [...]

Prebiotics Provide Many Benefits

There is plenty of research on probiotics and how they may contribute to better oral health. Everything from the prevention and treatment of oral infections to periodontal disease may be assisted by probiotics. These probiotics are able to grow a sort of biofilm of sorts that functions as a protective lining. Something you may not [...]

Depression May Have Ties to Diet

Millions of adolescents age twelve to seventeen have dealt with the effects of depression. Although it can be caused by a number of factors, one that tends to go overlooked is diet. A diet containing lots of processed or unhealthy foods, for example, may be contributing to the depression. The potassium and sodium levels of [...]

Mercury Fillings and Amalgam Removal

A person can become immunocompromised by a variety of factors, and one of them is mercury. Mercury may negatively affect the immune system and it can also spread to other parts of the body like the nervous system. Because the immune and nervous systems are so closely intertwined, what negatively affects one will inadvertently affect [...]

Potential Ties Between Gum Disease and Dementia

Gum disease can lead to a number of problems including the risk of loss of the tooth, halitosis (bad breath), and more. Gum disease may also impact the body in other ways should it progress to a higher stage, possibly leading to diabetes, heart disease, and even dementia as evidenced by some recent research. Research [...]

Quercetin May Be More Than Just a Supplement

As the body’s first line of defense against foreign bacteria and infections, keeping the immune system in tip-top shape through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is fundamental. However, there are also supplements that can assist with boosting the system’s defenses. Let’s use quercetin, for example. It is a natural antioxidant found in foods like [...]

Poor Oral Hygiene Could Mean a Greater Risk of Cancer

Are you looking for another strong reason to start brushing your teeth on a regular basis? How about this: daily brushing may help minimize the risk of developing mouth or stomach cancer, according to a new finding at the Harvard T.H. Chan Public Health Institute. While studying thousands of people over two decades, scientists found [...]

A Closer Look at Our Health Protocols

Back in May, we shared some of the policies and procedures we implemented throughout the practice to keep our esteemed patients and staff safe from coronavirus while continuing to focus on holistic health such as UV light sterilization, ozone, and hypochlorous acid. Today, we’d like to dive a little deeper into what they’re about. Let’s [...]

Sharpen Your Memory with Rosemary

Rosemary is an herb commonly used for culinary purposes and also for its therapeutic properties. It has a strong aroma and its lemon-like flavor makes it a popular addition in Italian and French dishes. While its culinary qualities are well-known, what you may not know is that rosemary also has medicinal properties. With is anti-inflammatory [...]