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Oil Pulling May Be a Better Alternative to Mouthwash

Oil Pulling May Be a Better Alternative to MouthwashHave you heard of oil pulling? This increasingly common practice is incredibly helpful in supporting better oral health and serves as a complement to brushing and flossing. While it’s gained greater exposure through social media, the practice is ancient, and it provides a host of potential benefits, from reducing the odds of bad breath to whiter teeth, dry mouth relief, and even stronger oral cavity muscles, to name a few.

Getting started with oil pulling is simple. Simply grab a small amount of organic oil like coconut oil and swish it around the mouth for about twenty minutes, making sure to move the oil throughout the entirety of the mouth interior. Once done, spit it out, and you’ll soon begin to notice the positive effects.

Switching to oil pulling may give you comparable results with fewer risks if you rely on commercial mouthwash. The efficacy of oil pulling and mouthwash was compared by researchers at Saveetha University in India. The comparison was done conducted using gingelly oil, which is derived from the same seed as sesame oil.

In terms of efficacy, oil pulling and mouthwash were almost identical, with oil pulling having an efficacy score of 49 percent as opposed to 51 percent for mouthwash. However, oil pulling was the victor when it came to defense, with a score of 61 percent versus 39 percent for mouthwash.

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