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Non Toxic Tooth Filling Materials – The Holistic Choice

Non Toxic Tooth Filling Materials - The Holistic Choice

Holistic dentistry is a profession dedicated to a patient’s overall health, not just their oral health. From teeth cleaning to filling in cavities, holistic dentists use techniques that eliminate negative side effects on the body. When it comes to cavities, holistic dentists only use non toxic tooth filling materials to get the job done.  But which materials are toxic and which aren’t?

Metal-Amalgam Fillings

Metal-amalgam fillings are made from mercury, silver, and other metals – all of which contain toxic compounds. Mercury is especially toxic, more so than cadmium, lead, or even arsenic. Some dentists that use metal-amalgam fillings claim that there is no toxicity due to the fact that the metals aren’t in a gaseous form. In reality, every time you chew, brush your teeth or eat very hot food or drinks, the metals can vaporize.

What is especially troublesome is that mercury toxicity compounds over time. This means you can go several years without noticing any negative symptoms before realizing you are suffering from mercury poisoning. A skilled holistic dentist can remove your metal-amalgam fillings and replace them with non toxic tooth filling materials.

Non Toxic Tooth Filling Materials - The Holistic Choice

Composite Resin Fillings

Composite resin fillings are comprised of different plastic and glass materials. Not all composite materials are non toxic and many traditional dentists use whatever composite is available. Like metal amalgams, traditional dentists claim that the hardened form of composite fillings is non toxic. In reality, toxic materials like BPA and Bis-GMA can be released from certain composite fillings which could lead to many health problems. Health effects range from issues with reproduction and neurology to a weakened immune system. However, there are non-toxic variations of composite fillings, so make sure to ask your trusted holistic dentist about it.

Porcelain Fillings

Holistic dentists want their patients to live healthy lives, free of toxins in their system. One way they help patients accomplish this is by using biocompatible tooth filling materials like porcelain rather than toxic materials. These are strong alternatives to toxic tooth fillings. However, keep in mind that there are composite filling options that are completely non-toxic, so porcelain fillings are not your only truly holistic option.

Toxic Amalgam Removal

If you have already gotten fillings made from toxic materials, do not worry, they can be removed. Holistic dentists remove amalgam fillings in rooms with adequate filtration to remove amalgam particles in the air. They use protective equipment that minimizes the spread of amalgam to protect patients and staff. The procedure includes utilization of a “rubber” dam, removal of saliva beneath the rubber dam, breathing an alternate source of air, removal of air in the face area and water cooling of the fillings during filling removal. These techniques help ensure a safe and successful amalgam removal process.

Non Toxic Tooth Filling Materials - The Holistic Choice

Non Toxic Tooth Filling Experts

If you are in need of cavity fillings or need old fillings replaced, it is best to take the holistic approach.  Holistic Dental Center is inviting everyone to reap the benefits of holistic dentistry and is always offering specials for new patients. Ask your friends, family, and co-workers if they have been to a holistic dentist; if not tell them about the many benefits and the lifestyle.

Come to meet Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky! Whether you are actively looking for a new dentist or it has been a while since you’ve been in the dentist’s chair. He has been in private practice at his Millburn, NJ office for over a decade, providing exceptional holistic and biological dentistry and surgical expertise in a friendly, home-like environment.  For the very best in holistic dentistry contact us today!