New! Invisalign Express

New! Invisalign Express

What is Invisalign? 
Invisalign refers to a removable orthodontic appliance that is used as an alternative to other types of orthodontic procedures, including braces. This procedure makes use of a series of clear plastic trays that are removable, and which are meant to help teeth move into their right positions. As opposed to metal braces, the clear plastic trays used in this procedure can be removed for brushing, flossing, or when you need to eat. In addition, you can also remove them if you want to attend a social event. Another great advantage of Invisalign is that they can hardly be seen even when they are in place.
What is Invasalign Express?
This is a new orthodontic procedure for people with minor crowding or spacing issues. This new procedure uses the same mechanics and principles as the ‘regular’ Invisalign, but it is also associated with faster results as well as other advantages.
Treatment options for Invisalign Express
There are two treatment options for Invisalign Express. These are:

  1. Invisalign I7: This treatment option uses 7 aligners and has an average treatment period of 3 months.
  2. Invisalign Lite

This treatment option uses 10 aligners and has an average treatment period of 6 months.
How is Invisalign Express treatment performed? 
As mentioned here above, Invisalign Express uses the same mechanics and principles as other Invisalign treatment options. The treatment starts with an assessment of your teeth and your bite pattern in order to determine whether the treatment option will be suitable for addressing your specific problem. If your dentist decides that this treatment option is suitable for you, he /she will make an impression of your teeth. Your dentist will then scan the impression using a computer, which will also calculate the necessary changes your teeth needs to undergo in order to get properly aligned. The series of trays that are custom made for your mouth is determined by the results of the calculations. During the course of the treatment, you will be receiving a new set of trays after every few weeks in order to ensure that your teeth keep moving to their new positions.
What are some of the cases that can be addressed using Invisalign Express?
Just like other types of orthodontic procedures, the suitability of this treatment option will depend on your specific case. This means that Invisalign Express may not be suitable in some cases. However, Invisalign Express can be suitable in the following cases:

  • Minor mid-line corrections,
  • Minor crowding or spacing,
  • Partial treatments,
  • Relapse from prior orthodontic treatments,
  • Minimal rotation of teeth,
  • Aesthetic smile improvements.

Advantages of Invisalign Express 
The following are some of the advantages of this orthodontic procedure:

  • It is most suitable for people with minor crowding or spacing issues,
  • It is also very ideal for people with minor misalignment or spacing issues, but can’t afford other types of orthodontic procedures because of high cost.
  • This treatment option is associated with a shorter treatment period compared to other orthodontic procedures.
  • It is more convenient for people with minor misalignment and spacing issues.
  • It is less invasive than other orthodontic procedures,
  • It affects your lifestyle minimally,
  • It is associated with less stress when it comes to supporting your jaw bone and joints.
  • It is a pain-free procedure,
  • When it comes to maintaining oral hygiene, Invisalign Express is the most ideal since the aligners used in the procedure are removable. This in turn leads to healthier gums and teeth.
  • It is associated with less irritation to your gum and mouth when compared to convectional braces. This is because the aligners are smooth in design, meaning that they are no sharp edges that can cause irritation or cut your mouth, gum, or lips.
  • The aligners are designed in a way that they are hardly noticeable.
  • The procedure can be done with a very short period of time.

Adults and teenagers can now enjoy a modern and very convenient choice for straitening their teeth. They don’t have to use metallic braces for minor misalignments and spaces. In addition, Invisalign Express is associated with faster results and a shorter treatment time. With this orthodontic treatment option, you can remove the aligners when you want to eat, brush, or floss your teeth. The method also makes it easier for your dentist to our regular dental examinations as well as other necessary types of dental care. The end result of Invisalign Express is the achievement of a beautiful smile, leading to increased self confidence and esteem.