Mercury Amalgam Fillings and Cognitive Decline

Mercury Amalgam Fillings and Cognitive Decline

Silver Dental Fillings As The Silent Assailant

Robert loved his father dearly, so when his dad started declining due to Alzheimer’s disease, Robert became his sole caretaker.  Robert would bring his father to specialists to do whatever he needed to help him prevent further breakdown. Despite numerous visits and a multitude of medications his father’s condition continued to worsen so much Robert wound up needing to perform his fathers daily personal care for him.  One day when Robert was brushing his fathers teeth for him, he noticed that his dad had very large amalgam fillings on practically every single back tooth and began to wonder to himself if there was any correlation to his fathers declining health.  He didn’t realize at the time how right he was.

Mercury is a known hazardous neurotoxin with numerous regulations governing its use. Restrictions are put in place to keep us safe from its negative effects in many environmental uses such as specific protocols to dispose mercury to minimize water contamination, but one continual use of mercury is unfortunately freely promoted is in your dental fillings.

Your “Silver” Dental Fillings Don’t Contain Much Silver.

Amalgam is defined as a blend, and amalgam dental fillings commonly known as silver fillings in fact contain very little silver, but merely refers to their color. “Silver” amalgam mercury fillings are actually composed of approximately 50% combination metals including silver, copper, tin and other metals. The remaining 50% is mercury, which possesses toxic properties that linger in the mouth for years.

Can That Amalgam Filling In Your Tooth Be Poisonous?

During the time these mercury-amalgams are present in a person’s mouth, they proceed to “off-gas” mercury vapors and byproducts that continuously get released into the body. Every time we chew, brush our teeth or even drink a cup of hot tea or coffee can increase the level of metal toxicity in the body. What the common public doesn’t know is that the off-set of mercury is the most dangerous form of exposure since it can easily enter the body and accumulate in the organ systems…including the brain. There has been counter research attempting to claim that mercury-amalgams are safe, as once the mercury binds with the metal powder it becomes stable, but as you can see here in this iconic demonstration of \”Smoking Teeth\” from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology – an amalgam filling will continue to allow vapor to seep into the body.

Research Reveals the Dangers of Mercury in Dentistry

There has been an incredible amount of research done about the neurodegenerative effects of mercury in dental amalgams for years.  Because of this the FDA eventually came out with a warning on September 24, 2020 that anyone with a neurological impairment among other high-risk groups, need to avoid mercury amalgams.  Why did they finally come out with this recommendation?

There is overwhelming evidence on how mercury can and does affect the brain and the body. The question remains, why are dentists still using it in the mouth? More importantly, now that we have this evidence, how can the situation be improved moving forward?

Can My “Silver” Mercury Amalgam Fillings Be Affecting Cognitive Decline?

Currently, there are some practitioners treating Alzheimer’s patients and part of the healing process is to eliminate any toxins that are potentially contributory – one of which is mercury [dental fillings].  Often these doctors will send their patients to have their mercury fillings removed safely once they find out that these patients have mercury metal toxicity among other things.

Will the elimination of your mercury fillings cure cognitive decline? It’s hard to say, but taking an in depth look at many factors can certainly be a start of a journey to wellness. With the advent of so much more research being done on this topic, there will be more guidelines governing the use of mercury amalgams that will continue to benefit mankind.

The Holistic Dental Center of NJ Offers Natural Durable Zirconia Implants?

At the Holistic Dental Center, we want our patients to live healthy lives, free of toxins in their mouths and entire body. Our practice is entirely metal-free and mercury-free. All our dentists are certified in S.M.A.R.T through the IAMOT protocols to protect you using the highest quality standards to remove silver fillings and replace them with biocompatible materials. Looking to get your silver mercury amalgams fillings removed and improve your health, give us a call today!

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