Holistic Teeth Cleaning – the Spa Treatment for Your Teeth!

holistic teeth cleaning

Holistic Teeth Cleaning – the Spa Treatment for Your Teeth!

Who doesn’t want to spend some time relaxing in a spa and being pampered with aromatic oils, warm water and lovely lotions? Certainly after running around at work, rushing home, doing your grocery shopping, laundry and a million other chores, just the idea of a spa is enough to make us long for that moment of relaxation and care.

Well, your teeth do a lot of hard work too. They chop, chew, cut and do a myriad other things that we consider normal but are actually quite exceptional. They would love to have some “spa-time” too!

Types of Teeth

There are 3 different kinds of teeth in your mouth:

Incisors are used for chopping and cutting food into small chunks, these are your front teeth and you have 4 on the bottom and 4 on the top.

Canine teeth help you to tear chewy food such as meat. You have 2 of these in the top jaw and 2 in the bottom jaw and they are positioned next to your incisors.

Premolars are positioned next to your canine teeth. A full set of adult teeth will normally contain eight premolars with 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom row of teeth. We rely on these teeth for grinding and crushing chunks of food. These teeth are bigger and wider with a flat surface area on the bottom unlike your narrow and sharp front teeth.

As you can imagine, these hard-working little guys in your mouth are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Just like the tires of your car they can go “flat” if not taken care of.

And that’s exactly where a true holistic teeth cleaning will shine.

True Holistic Cleaning Process

Holistic Teeth Cleaning - the Spa Treatment for Your Teeth!

What sets a holistic cleaning apart from any other cleaning are several things.  Unlike most dental offices we pay attention to the details in that we don’t just clean the teeth, we use systems to enhance your bodies own healing properties.  First we check to see what kind of bacteria you have in the mouth which can possibly cause gum disease which in turn can increase your risk of a multitude of systemic diseases.  In addition we use several irrigation systems that assist in:

  • reducing the bacterial load in the mouth
  • introducing oxygen into the gum tissues
  • the healing, soothing and toning of the gum tissues

Our holistic cleanings use the finest in modern technology while eliminating the use of potentially toxic substances like fluoride and chemicals.  Most describe the experience as “spa like” or “the best cleaning I have ever had!”

Now that’s a holistic teeth cleaning which will last and last for a long time. And just like when you leave the spa you feel refreshed, energized and awesome, so will your teeth after our holistic cleaning process. And they express their thanks with being bright, strong and healthy!

Our goal is to give you an experience that you’ve never had before.If you are new to our practice, Contact Us now  or click to call +1973-878-0951 for your appointment today!

(*In the absence of gum disease).