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Holistic Dental Cleaning

Holistic Dental Cleaning

If you see a dentist regularly, as most of us have been doing since our teeth started coming in, you might not think much about the service you receive. So long as your teeth are healthy and your smile is bright, you probably assume the service is just fine.
Whether you’re going for cleanings or more serious work like dental implants or veneers, you might not realize that there are alternatives that could not only be healthier and safer for patients, but also better for the planet. If you’re interested in the prospect of holistic dental services, here are just a few things you should know about the dental cleanings offered by holistic professionals.

Fluoride-Free Cleanings

The FDA has deemed fluoride to be safe – it is in the water supply, after all. But don’t be fooled. Fluoride has been found to be toxic to humans in certain concentrations. The American Dental Association actually just recently change their stance on fluoride and is limiting exposure to children or even suggesting that small children not be exposed at all.
Overexposure to fluoride can have serious consequences, including fluorosis of the teeth and bones for example. You may therefore wish to seek a holistic family dentistry practice that offers alternatives to the use of fluoride.

Disinfecting Irrigation

After an initial inspection of the oral cavity to assess general health and sample plaque and bacteria present in the mouth, the holistic dental cleaning begins with a natural disinfecting irrigation. Whereas the average dental hygienist might jump right in by scraping away plaque with an array of metal tools, holistic dentistry starts by rinsing with a disinfecting solution to decrease the risk of bacteria getting into the bloodstream.


We’re not talking about the stuff in Earth’s atmosphere – the Ozone used in holistic dentistry is energized oxygen that can help to speed the healing process. In the case of dental cleanings, ozonated water is used to complete a second rinse of the mouth, removing remaining bacteria since it kills bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. It also triggers the immune response of gum tissue through increased oxygen intake. When followed by an herbal rinse and teeth polishing, gums and teeth are able to remain healthy long after a dental visit.

Laser Cleaning

Advances in dentistry have brought innovations like bio-compatible, composite fillings (as opposed to mercury-laden amalgam fillings) and Invisalign teeth straightening (as opposed to traditional braces). There are also better ways to deep clean teeth, especially when treating issues like gingivitis and periodontitis.
If you have these dental afflictions, then invasive surgical procedures may not be necessary. Your holistic dentist can offer laser cleaning procedures instead to clear away bacteria and pockets of infection and rejuvenate gum tissue with less bleeding, pain, and recovery time.

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