Here’s a Great Way to Get Your Smile Back!

Here’s a Great Way to Get Your Smile Back!

Just like your body, your car or even your house, your teeth are subject to wear and tear every day of your life. Chewing, grinding and overly aggressive brushing take their toll over the years so it can be said that your smile can “fade” – even though you’re not less happy! But a fading smile can affect your self-confidence and it could go downhill from there.

Age, genetics, hormonal changes in the body, gum disease – all these can and eventually will recede your teeth and affect your smile. And, especially, since the process of receding gums is slow and hardly noticeable on a daily basis, you may only discover that your teeth seem to be “getting longer” when the situation has already significantly progressed.

That’s why we are happy and proud to tell you that we offer a solution to restore your smile that is minimally invasive, fast and virtually painless. There aren’t many dentists who have either the experience or the equipment to deal with receding gums. Dr. Gashinsky has that experience and the technology to offer Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, an innovative procedure that can reverse gum recession in just one treatment.

Advantages and Benefits

The Pinhole procedure has many advantages over the traditional gum surgery treatments.

It is much less invasive and does not involve any cutting and lots of painful stiches and a lengthy healing process which likely would keep you from working your job or taking care of your family.

Because the Pinhole procedure does not involve any cutting or stitching, it is almost painless. Pinhole gently repositions your gum tissue over your exposed roots and uses collagen to hasten the healing process.

Here's a Great Way to Get Your Smile Back!

The Pinhole procedure is fast and could literally be done over lunch, without the painful aftereffects of gum surgery. This means you could go right back to what you were doing and not miss that important appointment or getting the kids from school!

Most importantly, the Pinhole procedure is safe because there is no cutting involved and therefore less chance for infections and other health issues that may occur after surgery.

As a holistic and biological dental practice, it’s our mission to provide the best and most natural treatments to our patients to resolve any dental problems and promote their overall health. Like our other procedures, we offer Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation simply because it’s the best and safest choice for our patients.

If you or anyone in your family or circle of friends has receding gums, you can help them by referring them to our office to receive the best holistic dentistry can offer! Just call or come by – we are ready for you!