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Heal Thyself- Using PRF to Improve Zirconia Implant Placement!

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Heal Thyself- Using PRF to Improve Zirconia Implant Placement!

So you need an extraction or you’ve decided to have a metal free Zirconia implant placed. You’ve known for some time that you needed it but you’ve had concerns. How uncomfortable will it be? How will it heal? Will my body reject it? Will I get an infection? All this and much more have been going through your mind, but what if I told you that we have a way to increase your body’s healing capacity. What if I told you I can assist your body in healing faster and stronger than ever before after the procedure? This is true! Not many doctors offer this technology to their patients and the best part, it’s not a chemical, additive or special medication, it comes from your own body! I’m talking about PRF, Platlet Rich Fibrin.

Watch Dr. Gashinsky explain how you can heal faster after extractions, Zirconia implants or dental surgery:

explain how you can heal faster after extractions, Zirconia implants or dental surgery:
Platelet Rich Fibrin is a component of your blood. When we place an implant or we need to extract a tooth, we take a small amount of your own blood immediately before the implant procedure and extract the platelet rich fibrin by putting it in a centrifuge. Then when the implant is being placed, the implant is coated with your own good cells and more is placed in the area prepared for the implant that will enhance the growth of your bone quicker and stronger with less discomfort. As far as an extraction, your own Platlet Rich Fibrin is placed in the extraction site to speed healing and avoid infections or dry sockets because it acts as an accelerator and a barrier against bacteria and debris.

Benefits of PRF Treatment with Extractions and Zirconia Implants: 1) Faster Healing 2) Less Pain 3) Decreased Swelling 4) Accelerated Healing of Bone to Dental Implants 5) Improved Strength of Bone Integration to Dental Implants 6) Decreased Chance of Dry Socket and Cavitations 7) Increased Early Blood Supply to Tooth Extraction Socket 8) Facilitates Fast and Proper Healing of Wisdom Tooth Extraction Sites.

So you see, your body has amazing capabilities! What’s even better is when it’s used when placing Zirconia implants. Zirconia is a non-metallic implant that is more biocompatible to your body chemistry. There are a limited number of dentists using this forward thinking technology and even fewer that offer non-metallic Zirconia implants. Because Dr. G. is one of the only dentists that offer the dual benefit of PRF and biocompatible Zirconia implants he’s the obvious choice for your implant needs.

So whether it’s a single extraction, wisdom teeth removal or implant placement, call 937-718-5104 today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gashinsky and ask about our PRF technology and we’ll review all your options.