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Giving New Life to Failing Implants

Giving New Life to Failing Implants

You will find a number of articles on our site talking about the dangers of gum disease and the fact that in the United States alone, this condition has reached epidemic proportions.

At our Holistic Dental Center we encounter gum disease almost every day in some form or another and we have always advocated that the sooner gum disease is treated, the easier and better it is for the patient. As a holistic practice we strive to treat dental problems from the viewpoint of whole body health, and that’s certainly also the case with gum treatments.

We have told you about our LANAP® procedure, a minimally invasive and virtually painless that takes less time than traditional gum surgery and gives better, long-lasting results.

Implant-related Gum Disease

The same holds true for implants. Weak gums and gum disease can create havoc with implants and can cause a condition called “peri-implantitis,” a gum inflammation around the soft and hard tissues around the implant due to bacteria which have irritated the gum tissue, causing it to become inflamed, damaging the tissue and if not caught early, causing the bone structure below the implant to deteriorate.
80% of implant patients experience complications due to inflammation which shows that this is not a rare condition. Signs of peri-implant diseases are similar to symptoms of gum disease: red or tender gums around the implants, or bleeding when brushing. In case of smoking or diabetes, this condition can rapidly worsen.

The Holistic Solution

As holistic dentist and naturopathic doctor, Dr. Gashinsky treats peri-implantitis with a 100% natural approach which not only resolves the inflammation itself but also saves your implants from being affected. This approach is called the LAPIP Protocol – the only patient-friendly, predictable solution for ailing implants.

Studies indicate 95% of the failing implants treated with the LAPIP protocol have reintegrated in the pocket and stabilized with bone growth. As a state-of-the-art laser treatment, the LAPIP protocol is a slight modification of the proven LANAP protocol. Using the same principles and laser wavelength, we see bone regeneration around affected implants without having to cut open the gum line. With LAPIP, minimal treatment yields maximal results.
Just like the LANAP procedure, the LAPIP protocol is minimally invasive (no cuts, no sew) and ensures a healthy mouth and long-lasting results.

Contact us today to learn more about the LAPIP Protocol and what we can do for you.