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Five Best Anti-Viral Products to Beat the Flu

Five Best Anti-Viral Products to Beat the Flu

With the end of the year approaching fast, we will have to deal with weather changes, flu and cold season symptoms. We would like to give you some tips on how to avoid taking unnecessary medication and yet stay healthy and active, by using natural medicine and anti-viral supplements.

Natural medicine can save your life. Vaccines, of course, will be utterly useless once the influenza virus mutates, so even receiving a vaccine shot offers no protection other than what’s available through the placebo effect.

Here are the top 5 anti-viral products to boost your immune system and prevent viral infections:

Super ViraGon: Liquid anti-viral product remains Jon Barron’s Super ViraGon – a potent combination of garlic, olive leaf extract (a powerful anti-viral!), onion, ginger, zinc and other nutrients.

Olive Leaf Extract: This is powerful stuff! The best-known phytochemical in olive leaves is oleuropein, a very potent antimicrobial medicine that also has natural anti-viral properties.

Fitura PowerImmune: The PowerImmune anti-viral tincture offered by Fitura (www.Fitura.com) combines organic Echinacea, Cat’s Claw, Shiitake Mushroom, Olive Leaf and many other ingredients (all organic). It’s also good to take with you while traveling. You can take a dropper full of this product each time you board an airplane.

Probiotics: Virtually all probiotics will boost your defenses against infectious diseases. Scientific research has even shown that probiotics directly reduce the risk of contracting H1N1 swine flu. You can find probiotics at your local health food store.

Wildcrafted oregano oil: This is a phenomenal wildcrafted oil with many health benefits. We call it a natural antibiotic. It’s extremely useful as a first aid product and can help your body heal more quickly.

A related product is called OregaRESP (available from Vitacost.com), which is an extremely potent encapsulated form of oregano oil. (Just open this bottle and inhale, you’ll be floored!)

With any of the above remedies, you’ll boost your immune system which adds to prevention of viral infections.

Good luck!