Finding the Best Dentist in Millburn NJ

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Finding the Best Dentist in Millburn NJ

Have you recently moved to Millburn? Unhappy with your current  Millburn, NJ dentist?

With so many options for dental care in today’s world sometimes it can be tough to know what you should look for when it comes to choosing a dentist.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to helping you find the best dentist in Millburn NJ.

We\’ll focus on what you should look for, why you should consider a holistic practice, and how to know whether or not your dentist actually practices what they preach.

What to Look For In A New Dentist

For many people, going to the dentist is not exactly a pleasant experience. However, the process of finding a dentist that’s right for you should be painless.

There are, however, many important things you’ll need to consider.

First of all, take a look at their opening hours and their location. Especially since many appointments take place during the middle of the day, is the practice close enough for you to squeeze in a treatment during a lunch hour?

Also, be sure you know exactly where and how your dentist trained and went to school. Most will be happy to share their credentials with you. You can even ask about how often they take continuing education, or just how they learn about new advancements that can help their patients and practice.

Of course, we know that many will be concerned about the insurance and costs associated with a dental practice. Always be upfront about what you can afford, and what your plan can cover.

You may also have questions about their relationship to anesthesia. Do they use it? If so, what is their approach and how do they make sure you stay safe if you have to go under?

Finally, you\’ll likely also have questions about the age and severity of dental problems your potential dentist can treat. If you have younger children especially, or have serious dental issues yourself, this is an absolutely crucial question.

Why Choose A Holistic Dentist in Millburn NJ?

Maybe you’ve heard the popular phrase, “Good health starts in the mouth.” A holistic dentistry practice certainly believes that to be true.

However, some aspects of the modern dentistry practice can often do more harm than good.

The reality is that many of your fillings are, well, filled with toxins, chemicals, and other things that can hurt you. Instead of amalgam fillings, which are loaded with a 50% mercury content, they use fully tested and safer alternatives.

A holistic dentist will offer quality mercury-free options

Additionally, these dentists will often avoid treatments containing Fluoride. This is because sometimes, these treatments can contain the byproducts of fertilizer and aluminum, in addition to other dangerous carcinogens.

The holistic dentist in Millburn NJ practices will also limit the number of X-rays they take, will avoid writing prescriptions for painkillers in the aftermath of a procedure, and focus on using natural treatments to keep your mouth healthy.

Whether you’re interested in holistic dentistry for yourself, your family, or anyone else you care about, there are countless reasons why doing so is an excellent idea.

What Should You Look For In A Holistic Dentist in Millburn NJ?

Now that you know the benefits of holistic dentistry, let’s talk about how you can make sure that the specific practice you’re considering is really doing everything the natural way.

Unfortunately, lots of dentists who claim to be “natural,”  “green,” or “holistic”, really aren’t at all.

In order to ensure your own health and safety, you need to know what to look out for.

First, if your dentist suggests a lot of crowns or other procedures that require a lot of drilling, it’s best to move on. Because holistic practices are much more focused on letting you keep as much of your tooth as you can, unless your problem is extremely serious, it’s cause for alarm.

Also, do they follow strict precautions to prevent you from being exposed to mercury vapors if you need a silver filling removed.  Inhaled mercury vapors are quite dangerous and all precautions should be taken to keep you safe.

Another issue is that many people have allergies and sensitivities and it is quite common to react to dental materials. If you are concerned about the toxins in dental material and how you would react to them be sure your dentist offers biocompatibility testing to ensure your safety.

Finally, there’s a procedure you should be wary of if your dentist claims to be holistic and that is, do they routinely recommend root canals.

Root canals don’t usually need to be performed as often as they are. A good holistic dentist will first suggest that you try procedures that can calm the tooth down or healthy alternatives to root canals.

Ready to Meet Your New Dentist?

No matter the reason you have for switching your dentist, or for seeing them in the first place, we hope this article has shown you why it’s so important to stop and consider a holistic treatment option.

As a top dentist in Millburn NJ, we’re here to help you and your family gets the best care – every time you visit.

With so many short and long-term health risks associated with common dental methods, there’s no reason to compromise your own mouth.

Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment. Check our site to learn more about our specific services and keep updated on the latest advances in holistic dental health.

We offer consultations, and can even make sure that you’re seen the same day if you’re dealing with a dental emergency.