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Fight Infections with the Body’s Natural Killer Cells

Fight Infections with the Body’s Natural Killer Cells

Keeping your immune system defenses strong is key to helping prevent the spread of COVID-19. Besides eating healthy, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep, it’s also important to ensure that the body’s natural “killer” cells are being nourished.

The body’s natural killer cells comprise a portion of a larger collective of cells known as lymphocytes. These play major roles in boosting the body’s immune response as well as helping the body fight off viruses. They also manage infection by reducing tissue damage and help regulate tumor growth by restricting abnormal cell spread. Within the cell cytoplasm are lytic granules such as perforin. The lytic granules contain several proteins that intercede target cell destruction once it’s been secreted from the cell.

Natural killer cells do their job by identifying stressed cells and then unleashing their cytotoxic ability to destroy the abnormal cell. Following the identification, the natural killer cells secrete the granules into a synapse where the granules are transferred to a target cell.

One way to potentially boost your natural killer cells? Go outside. Though a walk through a forest is ideal, simply exposing yourself to green spaces may help.

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