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FDA Issues New Recommendations Regarding the Use of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

On September 24, 2020 the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) issued a statement updating their recommendations concerning dental amalgam and potential risks to certain high-risk individuals that may be associated with mercury amalgam fillings.  This is a huge step in the right direction!  Even though holistic dentists have known the dangers for many years,  it has not been recognized by mainstream organizations and in fact they have been promoting it’s safety to the possible detriment to many.  The FDA’s role in protecting patients is to regularly evaluate and update current scientific evidence on the risks from medical devices and this includes any metals such as dental amalgams.

Dental amalgams have been used in the United States since 1830 and within a few short years the American Society of Dental Surgeons denounced the use of dental amalgam due to their concern about mercury poisoning.  Despite this, there continued to be a pro-amalgam faction inside the organization due to it being cheaper, faster and easier to use than gold at the time. Due to the strong disagreement inside the group that could not be resolved, it disbanded. The pro-amalgam group became determined to grow their faction, organized and widespread use of amalgam became the norm over time.  This unfortunately did not change the fact that there are numerous peer-reviewed studies demonstrating the adverse affects of mercury and it can be a factor in potential negative health effects.

In this latest statement the FDA found that certain groups may be at higher risk for potential harmful health effects from the mercury vapor released from amalgams.  Because of this they are recommending certain high-risk groups avoid getting dental amalgams when possible.  These groups are:

  • Pregnant women and their developing fetuses;
  • Women who are planning to become pregnant;
  • Nursing women and their newborns and infants;
  • Children, especially those younger than six years of age;
  • People with pre-existing neurological disease such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease
  • People with impaired kidney function; and
  • People with heightened sensitivity (allergy) to mercury or other components of dental amalgam

As a biological practice, we feel that mercury safety should apply to not only high risk people but to everyone.  Mercury is a known neurotoxin and there are alternative dental options available. The days of only treating the mouth is obsolete and as holistic dental practitioners we’ve always taken overall health into consideration.  This is why we will never use mercury amalgams and employ safety measures to protect you and the staff from mercury vapors if an existing mercury filling needs to be removed. Only biocompatible materials that are mercury, metal, BPA and fluoride free are used at the Holistic Dental Center to ensure the safety of all our patients.  We are proud to say we’ve been providing precautions for everyone for years pertaining to mercury, and now a government agency confirms what we’ve always known.  We will continue to provide a safe environment for all our patients and staff because their overall health is our first priority.

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