Emotions – They’re Written All Over Your Face!

Emotions – They’re Written All Over Your Face!

In holistic dentistry, we believe that each tooth is connected to an organ or an emotion.  The energy pathways from the teeth to the organs are called meridians.  Meridians have been known and taught by Chinese medicine for centuries and the energy is called Chi (Qi).  It is believed that if there is a block in the energy pathway, it can affect the corresponding organ or if there is an emotional issue it can affect the pathway also.  Blocks can be an infected tooth, a root canal, trauma to a tooth or something as simple as your bite being off. (See also the Meridian Tooth Chart).

 Many parts of the body affect other parts this is why we work with our wellness partners to help you get to your highest level of health.  So just like our teeth are connected to organs and emotions, our face has a map that correlates with organs and emotion.  Please read our guest blog from Karin Johnson R.N., B.S.N., L.Ac on how she can help you find solutions to quell issues you may have showing up on your face.

Did you know that your face is a micro-system which is a map of the entire body? The face contains regions that correspond to each body zone and organ. The organs are generated and affected by one of the five major emotions: anger, joy, worry, grief and fear.
When we treat your face with microlight therapy we are able to assess all of these emotions as we target the different areas of your face. Microlight therapy uses a unique combination of microcurrent, color light and pure healing skin care products to bring about an inner balance for homeostasis. This would decreases level in stress as well as boost in mood and reduced anxiety. For example treating the heart corresponding part of the face would result in relieving anxiety and depression by using magenta, orange and blue.
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