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Ease Coronavirus Worries With the Right Foods

Ease Coronavirus Worries With the Right FoodsPeople are understandably anxious about coronavirus. While quarantining and practicing social distancing are ways to potentially reduce the spread, there is no way to guarantee that you will come across the virus. What you can do, however, is prioritize what you’re putting in your body to help the body fight any illnesses it may encounter. The following foods may also help with easing your anxiety.

Chicken soup has long been a go-to choice for numerous ailments. Research suggests that chicken noodle soup affects white blood cell movement which causes an anti-inflammatory effect. The spices and fragrance also help clear the nasal passageways. Healthy breathing can help with calming down. Soup is filled with nutrients — carrots have vitamin A, a nutrient that contributes to the immune response, and the chicken broth contains zinc that helps to combat a cold when eaten in large amounts.

Vitamin C doses are perfect to improve the immune system. Mandarin oranges, for example, are compact and they are easy to take with you. Kiwi is another option, which has the highest content of citrus fruit vitamin C. You may also wish to add some lemon to your drinking water. Best of all, studies have shown the soothing aroma of citrus fruit can also help to lower the anxiety levels. Vitamin C is not retained in your body, so it needs constant replenishment.

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