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Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky Is the First to Use Biocompatible SDS Ceramic Implant Technology

Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky Is the First to Use Biocompatible SDS Ceramic Implant Technology

Milburn, NJ – 09/29/2020 – Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky of Holistic Dental Center New Jersey is among the first in the United States to receive hands-on training at the Swiss BioHealth® Clinic, a biological dentistry clinic pioneering biocompatible high-performance material zirconia implants.

Dr. Gashinsky is the only doctor in the state of New Jersey providing technology developed by ceramics pioneer and implantologist Dr. Ulrich Volz of the Swiss Biohealth Clinic, the man he trained with. Founded by Dr. Volz, Swiss Dental Solutions (SDS) is a member of the Swiss Biohealth Group and it seeks to develop safe solutions for dental implants free of metals while conforming to rigid standards of health and tolerability.

Ceramic implants from SDS are incredibly durable, designed to last a lifetime and they are made to be a healthier and much safer alternative to the use of titanium, which may have long-term negative or even toxic effects on the body. Because the SDS implants are biocompatible, they have excellent tolerability and bonding with the gums. Since the implants are naturally white, they are virtually indistinguishable from a natural tooth, meaning patients can smile brightly with confidence.

For more information SDS ceramic implants, please visit https://www.swissdentalsolutions.com/en/or call Holistic Dental Center New Jersey today. Visit https://www.swiss-biohealth.com/en/ for additional information on the Swiss BioHealth Clinic.

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