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Don’t Believe the Running Myths

Don’t Believe the Running MythsRunning is a common activity that can provide tons of benefits yet common myths are surrounding it. If it’s something you’re thinking about doing it, keep reading as we dispel a few of these myths about this tried and true, fun, healthy activity for the body and mind.

Running will not result in heart issues. While exercise does increase heart rate, heart issue risks incrementally drop provided you remain consistent in doing your workouts, whether it’s running or something else. Going for a run a few days a week is benefiting your heart more than it is harming it.

Another common myth is that running will negatively affect your joints and bones. On the contrary, by performing exercises where the body is bearing weight, you’re doing your part in bone mineral density maintenance. You’re essentially doing the opposite and preventing the onset of common disorders that creep up during later years like osteoporosis.

Lastly, running isn’t necessarily going to be affecting your mortality negatively. Regular exercise keeps the body in shape and it means that once the golden years arrive, there are fewer chances of experiencing health issues that arise during those years due to a sedentary lifestyle.

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