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Differentiating Between a Panic and Heart Attack

Differentiating Between a Panic and Heart Attack

One of the common symptoms associated with a heart attack is feeling strong pressure in the chest. However, this strong pressure in the chest is also a symptom commonly associated with panic or anxiety attacks. Knowing how to tell the two apart can help.

Blood supply to the heart has unexpectedly been blocked when a heart attack occurs, and the muscle cannot get sufficient oxygen. Unless treated quickly, the muscle will fail to pump and will start to die. Although often caused by coronary heart disease, a heart attack can often be caused by a blood clot causing an artery to become blocked. Some of the common symptoms include the aforementioned chest discomfort or pain, nausea or feeling lightheaded, cold sweats, and shortness of breath.

A panic attack is often sudden and often results in intense feelings of fear or like something terrible is about to happen despite the scenario not suggesting so. Symptoms include hyperventilating, feeling dizzy, trembling, chest pain, and trembling. These attacks can last around ten to thirty minutes and it is not uncommon for someone to feel as if they may be dying.

While separating a panic attack from a heart attack can be very difficult, certain generalizations can be made which can help to differentiate them. Heart attack chest pain may start with pressure and it will become more severe in a matter of minutes, extending to other parts of the body. Panic attack chest pain typically lasts for a few seconds, resulting in sharp stabbing discomfort before subsiding.

If you have any doubts about what you’re experiencing, do not hesitate to seek medical attention.

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