Combat the Cold and Flu Naturally

Combat Flu

There is the common cold, and then there is the flu. The symptoms of the latter are generally more severe than those of a cold and may include body aches, fever, a feeling of malaise or fatigue, and headaches, to name a few. With a couple of natural approaches, you can assist the body in improving its infection resistance, strengthening the immune system, and recovering quicker.

Cold and Flu Remedies


Probiotics are also known as healthy gut bacteria and they may assist with reducing the severity of the flu. A cup of yogurt may do the body well, for example. You may also wish to look into kefir, a probiotic cultured milk drink typically sold in stores concentrating on health foods.


Echinacea offers potential natural benefits for the upper respiratory tract and its history in treating the cold dates back centuries. Studies regarding its effectiveness but anecdotal research point to another natural solution that may help with fighting the effects of a pesky cold.


Elderflower (also known as elderberry) may keep mucus under control and is antiviral properties mean it’s ready to go toe-to-toe against the cold and flu. One study discovered that elderberry extract may better flu-like symptoms in about half the time that it would typically take for a person to overcome the flu. Elderberry extract also goes by the name Sambucol.


Zinc increases antiviral activity and it could be helpful in shortening the length of time that unpleasant flu sticks around. However, zinc may not agree with everyone’s stomach. If so, make sure to take it with your meal or a healthy snack like fresh fruit.

Vitamin C and D

Vitamin C is always but if you combine it with 200 IU a day of vitamin E, the combination of the two vitamins may do a better job of combating the cold and flu. Vitamin D is also essential in helping the immune system defenses remain strong.

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup does indeed do the body good and it may provide some relief by clearing up the nasal passages. Some lemon and honey tea during the evening can help ease coughing and give you some much-needed relief when it’s bedtime.

Dark Chocolate

Should you need a sweets fix, a half-ounce of dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa will satisfy your sweet tooth while also providing useful antioxidants that may also cut down on coughing.

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