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Choose Composite Fillings For a Healthier You

It may seem that there are far too many diets and health advisors out there touting the methods of nutrition, exercise, and medical care they consider the most beneficial. Regardless of how you make these choices in life, there is one choice that is a no-brainer for every person: composite fillings.

Why Mercury is Such a Health Threat

Despite the international recognition of the many health risks associated with silver fillings, a great deal of Americans still have these toxic fillings in their mouths. Silver amalgam fillings may contain as much mercury as a thermometer – imagine pouring that mercury content directly into your mouth and allowing it to penetrate your body.

Mercury fillings are systematic. This means that the symptoms of mercury poisoning aren’t necessarily concentrated or specific to a certain infected organ or system of the body. The symptoms of an infection may manifest themselves anywhere throughout the body, far beyond the source – your teeth. Mercury poisoning affects the entire human body. And your overall health and well-being, along with your oral health, is of great concern to holistic dentists.

The simple solution is to remove the silver fillings and replace them with tooth-colored porcelain composite fillings. This choice can improve your long-term health, and it is especially friendly to your immune system.

Why Silver Fillings Are the Wrong Choice

Silver fillings – made of a dental amalgam of tin, silver, and mercury – are one of the biggest contributors of mercury to the human body. As these fillings are exposed to heat and pressure over time, the mercury vaporizes into an odorless gas that is inhaled and absorbed continuously into your lungs and bloodstream, negatively impacting your circulatory system and therefore, your immune system. This makes a person susceptible to any number of dangerous bacteria, infections, and diseases.

The bottom line is this: No amount of mercury is safe. Silver fillings can be 50 percent mercury or more (the larger the filling, the higher the mercury content). The World Health Organization reports that dental amalgams contribute to the highest amount of mercury in the human body.

A Mercury-Free Future

Once you’ve made the decision to change from mercury fillings to composite fillings, it’s crucial to have the mercury fillings removed properly to avoid further exposure to this toxic substance. Learn everything you need to know about safe amalgam removal then make your appointment with Dr. G’s mercury-free holistic dentistry practice in Millburn, NJ.