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Choose a Dental Practice That Uses Digital X-Rays

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Choose a Dental Practice That Uses Digital X-Rays

All X-rays are not created equal. At most holistic dentistry offices and some traditional dental offices you are likely to encounter the latest technology: digital X-rays. The digital X-ray technique is done quickly and is safer than traditional radiography.

What Are Digital Dental X-Rays?

Digital dental X-rays do the same job as “old-fashioned” dental X-rays – they take images of your mouth – but digital X-rays capture those shots by emitting only minimum radiation levels.

In order for digital X-rays to be taken, a small sensor is carefully positioned in your mouth and connected to the processing computer. On command, the sensor captures images of your teeth, tooth structure, and jaw bones, being repositioned until all digital X-rays needed are complete.

This latest radiation technology is essentially like having a small digital camera snapping photos in your mouth. There is no fussing with film and development (or the chemicals that accompany such techniques) and you and your dentist are able to immediately see what’s going on within your teeth and jaw bones because the digital X-rays are stored on a computer. This makes for faster diagnosis, which is of great benefit to you as a patient – especially if you have pain, a cavity, or other oral health problem.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays reduce the amount of radiation that a patient is exposed to during the X-ray process. The radiation level is 80 to 90 percent less than that of already-low dental X-rays, making this radiation technology far safer than other forms of dental X-rays.

True to form with a holistic dentistry practice, digital X-rays also pose less of an environmental threat because they don’t require the disposal of harmful waste and chemicals since images are captured electronically.

A dentist is able to use contrast when viewing and manipulating digital X-ray images in order to see the state of your teeth and bones in even greater detail. This allows for an even more accurate diagnosis of oral health problems. Digital X-rays also make it easier to transfer X-rays between healthcare providers.

For answers to your questions about digital X-rays or holistic dentistry, contact Dr. Vladimir Gashinky’s practice in Millburn, NJ, to schedule your consultation. Dr. Gashinky uses the latest digital X-ray technology during regular dental cleanings and exams.