The Biological Dentist – Separating Fact From Fiction

The Biological Dentist - Separating Fact From Fiction

When any alternatives to traditional thinking appear, they typically attract a fair deal of skepticism. Unfortunately, this can lead to people skipping out on something truly great because of a few baseless myths. This issue shows up in holistic, or biological dentistry quite often. By dispelling some common biological dentist myths, we can get a better understanding of what it is and its many benefits over traditional dentistry.

Myth: Biological Dentistry Is Pseudo-Scientific

A common misconception about biological dentistry is that it is pseudo-scientific when compared to traditional dentistry. However, one could argue that biological dentistry takes more scientific information into account when treating a patient. Biological dentistry is the practice of considering a patient’s overall health rather than just their oral health.

Biological dentists understand that the body functions as a system rather than various parts to be treated separately. For example, traditional dentistry used toxic fillings for years, as their only concern was filling in a cavity. Biological dentists use non-toxic materials for all of their dental procedures. So, in reality, it was traditional dentistry that didn’t take all of the scientific information into account.

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Myth: Biological Dentistry Is Only Concerned With Using Non-Toxic Materials

Another stereotype about biological dentistry is that it is merely dentistry that uses non-toxic materials. Biological dentists commit themselves to their patient’s overall health and wellbeing. They take approaches that minimize invasive procedures and work to preserve natural teeth rather than looking for quick fixes. They will avoid procedures that could potentially harm a patient based on their individual health and condition.

Biological dentistry even works to reduce harm when it comes to issues like anxiety about a dental procedure. When patients experience ‘dentist anxiety,’ traditional dentists often use drugs to sedate them. Sometimes they use benzodiazepines, which are mind-altering substances that have side effects that last long after a dental procedure is over. They also use nitrous oxide or even put the patient under anesthesia. In most cases, these techniques are overkill for something like anxiety about going to the dentist. Biological dentists understand this and will opt for less invasive techniques like NuCalm technology. Nucalm technology is a drug-free way of reducing anxiety during a dental procedure. The holistic approach is to use ingenuity, rather quick fixes that could cause a patient further harm.

Myth: All Biological Dentists Are The Same

One reason why biological dentistry can get a bad reputation is the fact that not all biological dentists are the same. Any dental practice can tack on the word ‘holistic’ or \’biological\’ to their name but that’s not all it takes to be truly holistic. Legitimate biological dentists strictly follow the protocols outlined by The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Make sure that the holistic dentist you choose is properly accredited.

Myth: Biological Dentists Are Very Expensive

There is a misconception about biological dentistry that it is way more expensive than traditional dentistry. This is simply untrue. There is a difference between price and value. With a traditional dentist, you come in and have your symptoms treated before you are sent on your way. If the root cause of that issue isn’t fixed, what’s to stop it from occurring over and over again. Holistic dentists get to the bottom of your dental ailment, which takes closer more analysis of a patient to make a diagnosis. But when you compare this to having the same procedure done over and over again by a traditional dentist, the price difference evaporates.

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Expert Biological Dentist

Holistic Dental Center is inviting everyone to reap the benefits of biological dentistry and is always offering specials for new patients. Ask your friends, family, and co-workers if they have been to a biological dentist; if not tell them about the many benefits and the lifestyle.

Come meet Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky! Whether you are actively looking for a new dentist or it’s been a while since you’ve been in the dentist chair. He has been in private practice at his Millburn, NJ office for over a decade, providing exceptional holistic and biological dentistry and surgical expertise in a friendly, home-like environment.

Our goal is to give you an experience that you’ve never had before.  If you’re looking for the best that dentistry has to offer, contact us and we’ll schedule a biological dental cleaning for you and your family.