Better Oral Healing with Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Better Oral Healing with Platelet-Rich FibrinDentistry is always evolving and the best dentists are the ones that adopt new technologies and procedures that provide their patients better or more efficient care. One of these procedures is Platelet-Rich Fibrin(PRF), which boosts the body’s natural regeneration abilities, significantly improving healing and recovery following a surgical procedure.

PRF is composed by utilizing a small amount of your blood before the procedure. Then the blood is spun into a centrifuge where it is separated into a trio of layers: plasma, a red blood cell layer, and the yellow PRF layer. It is the PRF layer that contains the regenerating components inside your blood which is then used to cover the surgical site as a membrane. This membrane will then trigger the body’s healing abilities.

PRF procedures cut down on the chances of infection, failed bone grafting and dental implants, as well as dry socket once a tooth has been removed. PRF also reduces the risk of surgery complications. It is particularly beneficial for patients whose healing abilities may be affected due to reasons like smoking, diabetes, or an immune system that’s been compromised. It also reduces swelling and pain in the gums.

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