Benefits of LANAP Laser Gum Surgery Treatment

Benefits of LANAP Laser Gum Surgery Treatment

When you are faced with the news that you need gum surgery, you may be understandably concerned. Naturally, you don’t want diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis to go unchecked. Not only does gum disease jeopardize the health and the foundation of your teeth, gum disease is linked to so many systemic diseases such as heart attack, stroke, some cancers and the list goes on. Treating your gum disease is not just for your teeth it actually can improve your overall health and wellness. That doesn’t mean, however, that you are keen to go under the knife, dealing with the pain of surgery and a lengthy recovery.
The good news is that there are other options to consider. Just as patients with crooked teeth might prove good candidates for Invisalign instead of braces, you should see if non-invasive surgical options that are more predictable could work for you when it comes to issues with your gums.
One possibility to consider is LANAP laser gum surgery. There are several benefits to be gained by selecting this option over traditional gum surgery. Here are a few to consider before you submit to a scalpel and stitches.

Safety Concerns

Traditional gum surgeries rely on cutting away the tissue with a scalpel and using sutures to stitch it back together to reduce the gum “pockets”. The procedure is invasive and painful and it requires the use of either local or general anesthesia. It also creates the teeth to look longer because the roots are now exposed and the teeth can become very sensitive after traditional surgery.
LANAP laser gum surgery, on the other hand, can accomplish the same goals with a lot less hassle and pain. Only a local anesthetic is needed to complete the surgery, there is no cutting or suturing, and in most cases, no bleeding.
This, in and of itself, makes LANAP a safer and more desirable option for nearly every patient.

Less Pain

Any time tissue is cut with a scalpel and sutured, there’s going to be some pain involved. Proper anesthesia ensures that patients feel little or no discomfort during the procedure, but afterwards you are certain to suffer some measure of pain. LANAP is far less invasive than traditional cutting and stitching, which means patients will suffer less pain both during and after surgery especially because the laser itself has a biofeedback quality to it which significantly aids in reducing pain and discomfort after the procedure.

Shorter Surgery and Recovery

Traditional gum surgery generally requires a total of four sessions of one hour or more each. In between, patients will have to heal and return for checkups to remove sutures and ensure that healing is progressing on schedule.
LANAP laser gum surgery can be completed in two sessions of two hours each, making it more convenient. The greatest benefit is related to recovery time, which is also greatly reduced. Patients that undergo LANAP treatment can get back to their lives in less than 24 hours following surgery. Plus, you\’ll never have to run to the emergency dentist due to bleeding or popped sutures.

Lasting Results

When you need gum surgery because of periodontal disease, you definitely want the results to last. You don\’t want to have to undergo another surgery in short order, even if it is less painful and entails less recovery time than traditional procedures.
LANAP laser gum surgery has revolutionized the treatment of gum disease. Statistics show that 98% of patients that have received LANAP treatment report sustained and stable results for five years and more after the procedure. This is a success rate that’s hard to argue with.
One of the Reasons LANAP treatments are so successful is that they help to stimulate the growth of new bone.  Whereas other, more invasive procedures cut, and sew gum tissue to correct pockets created by gum disease, LANAP reduces the pockets by helping tissue to heal and to re-grow bone. The use of the LANAP laser it is creating a sterile environment in the pocket and exciting the bone cells, the laser assists the body in healing itself. On top of that, LANAP is the only procedure that is FDA approved technology to actually re-grow bone. This is a major advantage over traditional treatment options, and it’s one of the many reasons LANAP laser gum surgery is so effective and appealing.

Comparable Costs

People often assume that laser surgery procedures will be pricier than traditional surgeries, but this is not the case with LANAP laser gum surgery. The costs are almost exactly the same and dental insurance that covers the former will generally cover the latter.
If you suffer from gum pain, receding gums, and/or issues like gingivitis or periodontitis, you may find yourself in need of gum surgery, either for medical or cosmetic reasons (or both). When this happens, simply conduct a search for a “dentist near me” that offers LANAP treatments. You’ll enjoy multiple benefits when you choose this alternative to traditional surgery.
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