Bats Are Essential Food Pollinators

Bats Are Essential Food PollinatorsBats don’t have the best reputation among the general public, especially in the current climate where people believe they may have played a role in the pandemic.

Although bats aren’t the most beloved animals, they do serve important roles in assisting humans and the environment. For example, they are responsible for the pollination of certain foods and they also take care of controlling many of those pesky critters that like to dine on and potentially damage food crops. Hence, bats are something of a living money-saving tool for farmers.

Well over 250 food-producing plant species rely on pollinating bats. A few examples of these include guavas, bananas, mangoes, figs, almonds, cashews, and plenty more. Other flowering plants including agave, an essential ingredient in tequila, also depend on bat pollination.

Bats are the chief agave pollinator that blooms at night in the Southwest Desert. Agave plants constitute a major source of food for bats.

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