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Are Your Fillings Poisoning You?

Are Your Fillings Poisoning You?

The majority of the population would never willingly accept the presence of a poison in their body. But that’s exactly what amalgam fillings are: a toxic substance. Dental amalgams are a constant release of mercury into your system.

Just How Toxic are Silver Fillings?

Dental amalgams are not 100 percent mercury. They are typically a combination of mercury and at least one other metal, like silver or tin. These types of fillings are strong, which is why many dentists still use the material for repairing cavities.

But amalgams contain an incredibly high concentration of lead – often up to 60 percent mercury – and the bigger your silver fillings and the more of them that you have, the greater your exposure to this poison.

What Mercury Can Do to a Body

Mercury dental fillings are exposed to a great deal of heat and pressure. Chewing, jaw clenching, and teeth grinding all exert pressure on fillings. Combine these actions with the temperature of the human body and the mercury content of amalgam fillings gradually vaporizes, which means it is inhaled at dangerous concentrations.

This mercury vapor passes into the bloodstream and quickly spreads throughout the body. This can cause long-term damage to the central nervous system, high blood pressure, and other serious cardiac problems.

The World Health Organization reported that mercury from dental amalgam feeds more mercury into a human’s system than any other sources combined. A recent study testing mercury absorption from dental amalgams found that the mercury from silver fillings is ingested at a rate of 10 to 50 times the level deemed “safe” by the U.S. Public Health service.

Eliminate Exposure to Mercury with Safe Amalgam Removal

It is possible to remove toxic mercury-laced fillings from your mouth. But it’s crucial to find a dentist who follows the proper techniques for safe amalgam removal to keep you in good care throughout the procedure. Dr. Vladimir Gashinky’s New Jersey holistic dental practice carefully follows the advised protocol for proper removal of mercury fillings.

Grindings from removed mercury fillings should never touch the gums, cheeks, or floor of the mouth. A rubber dam is used to protect against this possibility. The dangerous mercury vapor that is expelled from the fillings during the removal process is removed from the room air to ensure the safety of patient, doctor, and staff. And a mercury separator is used to filter mercury from waste water that leaves the office, rather than taxing water treatment plants.

You may not give your fillings another thought after their completion, but if you are living with dental amalgams in your mouth, it’s time to pursue a non-toxic, mercury-free alternative. Make an appointment with Dr. G’s office to discuss amalgam removal and new porcelain composite fillings.