Are You Really Happy With Your Teeth?

happy-couple-smiling1Many people are satisfied with their teeth – but we are not.

A bright smile requires not only white teeth but attractive, healthy and pink-colored gums perfectly  filling out the spaces between the teeth.
To make this possible, Dr. Gashinsky is using the all-ceramic dental implant system. These implants, made from high-performance zirconium oxide ceramic, are very similar to the condition of real teeth and tooth roots. They are perfectly compatible biologically with your mouth and body and are tolerated very well by your gums.
Careful and high quality development and years of experience have gone into this certified and approved implant system, and Dr. Gashinsky is one of only five dentists in New Jersey (and one of only 1200 dentists in the entire U.S.) certified to deliver the special zirconium implant procedures.

Metal-free, more durable than titanium, promoting regeneration of the gums and perfectly aesthetic – only the real tooth is more natural!

implantsA dental implant acts as the root structure would for a natural tooth. When Dr. Gashinsky places a zirconium implant into your upper or lower jaw bone, the bone can grow around the implant and can now hold a crown, bridge or over-denture just like roots hold natural teeth in place.
Dental implants have become the new standard of care for tooth replacement, and the all-ceramic zirconium implant is more natural looking than other types of implants. More importantly even, this 100% metal-free implant is made of natural white zirconia material and is healthier for your body.
These implants have been proven to be natural looking, comfortable, permanent and attractive replacements for natural teeth. They have allowed patients to have teeth without the pain, discomfort and restrictions of dentures or partials. Many patients are overjoyed to be able to eat a normal diet again.

Anxious About Zirconia Treatment?

We have good news for you! You don’t need to fear this procedure or any dental procedure. As one of the first dentists in New Jersey, Dr. G has now introduced NuCalm®, the 100% natural relaxation therapy for anxiety-free dental treatments.
Come in and experience your all-ceramic implant treatment with NuCalm! 

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