Amalgam/Mercury Fillings and the Effects on Autoimmune Disease

Amalgam/Mercury Fillings and the Effects on Autoimmune Disease

Many of us have gone our whole lives with amalgam (commonly known as mercury) fillings in our teeth. Over time, scientific studies have shown that these types of fillings can significantly affect our overall health, especially those with Autoimmune Disease.

As a mercury-safe and mercury-free dentist, Dr. Gashinsky has warned patients for years about the dangers of dental amalgam. And for a good reason. Click on the link below to watch a video from Dr. Gashinsky.

Mercury Fillings—What’s All the Fuss?

The number of autoimmune cases in the U.S. is on the rise—right along with the continued use of metal-containing dental and medical devices and implants.

Everyone experiences different reactions and/or side effects to the toxins in our environment—and this includes dental amalgam mercury. As with most things, there are some metals that are essential for our body’s good health. But it’s critical to know the right balance of too little (deficiencies) or too much (toxicities).

Amalgam/Mercury Fillings and the Effects on Autoimmune Disease

There are metals used as components in medical and dental implants, devices, and adjuvants that have no established function in the human body. On the other hand, aluminum (along with other metals) is both a neurotoxin and an immune stimulator. Mercury is recognized as being toxic to humans, even in low doses.

Below is a chart from showing just some of the autoimmune diseases studied regarding the effects of amalgam/mercury fillings on autoimmune disease.

Amalgam/Mercury Fillings and the Effects on Autoimmune Disease

The Bottom Line?

It’s never too soon or too late to have your amalgam/mercury fillings removed and safely replaced with no effect on your already compromised immune system. Next week, we’ll share information on the safe options available to you.

Learn More About Autoimmune Disease and Oral Health

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