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Add Some Healthy Garam Masala to Your Meal

Add Some Healthy Garam Masala to Your MealIndian cuisine has developed something of a reputation for being adventurous cuisine. These dishes are known for their colorful qualities as well as the strong flavors, largely due to the common use of rich spices. Among these spices is garam masala.

Garam masala is a combination of a pair of Indian words meaning “hot” and “spice mixture”. The spice is often used in foods such as lentils, soups, or curries to boost the flavor. Interestingly, however, it isn’t so much spicy as in hot as it is aromatic and warm. It is often comprised of a fusion of spices like black pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, and cumin, to name a few. These spics are packed with health benefits, which means garam masala may be worth adding to your next meal.

For example, black pepper is known for its ability to gastric protection as well as functioning as an anti-inflammatory. Due to a compound within it called piperine, it may also help with maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol. Cardamom also boasts anti-inflammatory properties and it may help with keeping blood glucose levels in check. It is related to cinnamon, which is another spice often used in garam masala, which means you get a one-two punch of benefits that may be especially good for those dealing with diabetes.

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