A Healthy Thyroid Means a Healthy Body

A Healthy Thyroid Means a Healthy Body

One of the most important glands in your body is the thyroid. This butterfly-shaped gland within the neck has a major influence on just about every single cell. It also contributes to metabolism regulation and plays a role in several of the body’s physiological processes. Thus, if your thyroid levels are not in balance, a host of issues can arise.

Let’s take something like hypothyroidism. This means the thyroid is not producing sufficient hormones and may increase your chances of heart disease, it may lead to goiter, and it can even elevate the severity of mental health issues such as depression. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include feeling lethargic or fatigued, difficulty concentrating, hair loss, depression, or hoarseness in the voice.

On the flip side is hyperthyroidism which means the thyroid is producing too much hormone. Symptoms include anxiety, trouble sleeping, feeling excessively thirsty, or experiencing unusual weight loss.

As with many health conditions, proper diet and exercise help greatly with preventing thyroid conditions but some factors may negatively affect the thyroid. Gluten, for example, can lead to inflammation. Perhaps unsurprisingly, stress is also a major contributor which means that if you suffer from chronic stress, the thyroid will be “out of whack”, potentially leading to things like obesity and high blood pressure.

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