A Healthy Smile for Life – Is That Even Possible?

Zirconia implants

A Healthy Smile for Life – Is That Even Possible?

For some time now, Zirconia (non-metal) implants have gained tremendous popularity as the healthy alternative to (metal) Titanium implants.

Thanks to an increased awareness of holistic treatments with patients, the idea of “metal-in-the-mouth” has become an important health issue.

Studies have shown1 that many patients suffer from multiple allergies and that people with a history of allergy to metals or jewelry have a greater risk of developing a hypersensitivity reaction to a metal implant. The insertion of titanium implants and their permanence in the human body enhances the amount of internal exposure and it has been proven that titanium ions concentrate in tissues surrounding the dental implants, as well as in regional lymph nodes and pulmonary (lung) tissue. This can lead to severe allergy reactions, specifically in patients who already have allergy issues and resulting chronic physical conditions.

Zirconia implants are the safe and healthy alternative to metal implants.  With no such adverse effects, zirconia is more “tissue-friendly” than titanium and provides better aesthetics.

One of the main advantages of a one-piece zirconia implant is that it has no prosthetic connections where bacteria can grow, and therefore can lead to better gum health; gums are healthier around ceramic materials and better preserved. Because no metal is involved, the color of the gums will remain natural-pink.

Furthermore, a recent study2 found that, based on 55 patients with a total of 66 implants, the one‐piece zirconia implant showed a high survival rate (over 98%) and a low marginal bone loss. The study concluded that, unless the implant is lost due to accidents, zirconia implants are long-lasting and 100% safe.

If you, or someone in your family, are looking for a healthy, safe and completely natural looking implant, come to see us and Dr. Gashinsky will advise you of the best and healthiest solution to make your smile last for a long time!


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