A Closer Look at Our Health Protocols

A Closer Look at Our Health ProtocolsBack in May, we shared some of the policies and procedures we implemented throughout the practice to keep our esteemed patients and staff safe from coronavirus while continuing to focus on holistic health such as UV light sterilization, ozone, and hypochlorous acid. Today, we’d like to dive a little deeper into what they’re about.

Let’s begin with UV disinfecting. Healthcare practices have used this for decades to reduce the spread of pathogens and sterilize the tools used by staff. The type of light used, ultraviolet C is one of the three kinds of rays that the sun gives off. Many coronaviruses like the one that causes extreme acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) have seen the sanitizing effects of UV lights. Studies showed it could be used against other coronaviruses. One study found that SARS became inactive after just fifteen minutes of UVC exposure, preventing the virus from replicating. In our practice, we sanitize the room in partwith a portable UVC unit and our UV sterilization equipped EVA HVAC system means that patients are breathing sterilized air that is not recycled.

Ozone treatment has been used and researched comprehensively for years. The effects are demonstrable, consistent, and with limited side effects. Medical Ozone has the proven capability to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. The effectiveness of ozone has been documented extensively in that is has been shown to be extremely effective in killing pathogens and at the same time enhancing the health of good cells. Ozone has been credited for treating over 100 different diseases, including the flu. At our practice, we are able to create ozone on the spot.

Another tool we use to keep the environment free of airborne pathogens is the DentAirVac, also known as the “air evacuation system”. This powerful tool is designed specifically to remove and filter potentially hazardous vapors and microbiological contaminants from the direct breathing atmosphere of the doctor, staff, and the patient. The vacuum sterilizes the operating air when performing extractions, high-speed drilling, and many other procedures including removal of dental mercury amalgam where an oral aerosol vacuum system may need to be utilized.

Lastly, hypochlorous acid is a potent, natural oxidant frequently used for sanitation, known for its ability to disinfect and get rid of bacteria, fungi, and even the coronavirus in under a minute. Since it’s comprised of electrolyzed water, salt, and vinegar, it is entirely safe to use, and our body also creates it. In the office, it is fogged or misted in the rooms between patients to remove airborne viruses and other pathogens. Even the staff gets fogged with it.

This update is by Holistic Dental Center New Jersey. We concentrate on delivering balanced dental care that is healthy for both the body, the teeth, and gums. With more two decades of private practice, Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky aims to enhance the quality of life of his patients through holistic dental treatment such as ozone therapy that values and honors the body. The result is a healthy body and a sterling smile. To schedule an appointment at our holistic dentist New Jersey office, please call 973-718-5104.