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A Brief Look at Biological Dentistry

A Brief Look at Biological DentistryBiological dentistry is not a new form of dentistry. Instead, it’s more along the lines of a philosophy that can apply as much to dentistry as it does to healthcare: seeking a safe, nontoxic approach to providing treatment. A fundamental component of biological dentistry is taking a biocompatible approach to a patient’s oral health. What this means is that we practice in such a way as to prevent any harm to not only your mouth but also your body.

Research has shown that amalgam releases mercury in large amounts, produces detectable exposures in people with fillings and that chron “Mercury-free” dentists don’t place amalgams but “Mercury-safe” dentists are the ones most conscious of the issue. They present scientifically validated methods to significantly reduce and mitigate the exposure to mercury by using safety measures to prevent mercury exposure during amalgam removal.

Another aspect of biological dentistry is that they evaluate a patient’s nutrition. Nutritional status affects all aspects of a patient’s healing ability. Biological detoxification is highly dependent on nutritional support, as is the case with periodontal or gum therapy or any cure for wounds. Though biological dentistry does not automatically mean that a dentist is a licensed nutritionist, biological dentistry involves an understanding of the effect of nutrition on all phases of dentistry and oral health.

Aside from using less actively toxic dental products, biological dentists may improve the delivery of care to their patients by understanding that individuals differ in their biochemical and immunological responses to materials and procedures. Biological dentists can provide improved periodontal care; also known as gum disease, through therapies such as ozone care as well as the identification and removal of diseases and viruses via non-drug procedures.

By implementing a full body approach to dental treatment, biological dentistry is not just a way of using a more natural less toxic approach. It implements materials and procedures that not only heal, but prevent disease by addressing the cause of disease. Taking a proactively preventative approach will aid in the enhancement of the patients total health and well-being.

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