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5 Little Known Tips for Brushing Your Teeth

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5 Little Known Tips for Brushing Your Teeth

Although the strongest bone of our body is known to be our teeth, after years of not brushing your teeth properly, there is a chance your teeth may be exposed to various kinds of diseases that may make the strongest bone in your body weak. Our teeth need a lot of care, and brushing our teeth is something we need to do at least two times a day. We know all about brushing our teeth, the timings, how many times a day, how long we should brush, but here are five tips for brushing your teeth that you may not have known before:

  1. Wait for around 30 minutes after a meal to brush your teeth: The pH level of our mouth right after a meal is usually lower than normal, thus more acidic. Brushing our teeth right after can be very abrasive, harmful and damaging for the teeth at this point of time.
  2. Be gentle: Most people believe the harsher they brush their teeth, the more it whitens. This is a misunderstanding on their part, as you need to be gentle with your teeth while brushing them. Harsher brushing techniques may erode the teeth and even the gums. Instead of going for long strokes, it is better to brush your teeth in gentle, circular motions.
  3. Don’t start at the same spot: We usually tend to brush our teeth starting from the same place, however, it is better to start at different places every time you brush. This is important because, by the time you reach the last part, you may pay less attention to certain areas of your teeth. Start at different places, so that every part of your teeth receives the same attention.
  4. Brush for at least 2 minutes: Although many are aware of the fact that we should brush our teeth for at least two minutes, many still don’t tend to do. It is a good practice to leave the tap closed when you brush your teeth, as leaving it open tends to cause you to speed up the process of brushing your teeth. It is also recommended to leave music on, as this helps you estimate how much time is passing as you brush your teeth.
  5. Change your toothbrush every few months: It is recommended to change your toothbrush every 2-3 months. This is because as the days goes by, the bristles of the toothbrush become frayed and less effective. All the more, the brush can be collecting bacteria as well as the handle. Thus, it’s best to avoid using the same brush for too long.

Here are some of the lesser known facts of brushing our teeth. It is important to keep these facts in mind as it helps us realize and understand how precious our teeth are and how they should be cared for. We are a dentist in Milburn, NJ focusing on the importance of the holistic approach to looking after our teeth.