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Missing Teeth Can Endanger Your Health and Life Span!

It has been proven that missing teeth can significantly reduce your life span. People can lose their teeth in accidents, wrong diets or simply by neglecting them. Most people do not realize that, if those missing teeth are not replaced, they are putting their health at risk!

But it’s not only missing teeth or tooth loss that can cause health risks. Studies have also shown that the common solution to replace missing teeth, titanium implants, may create their own health issues. Titanium is a metal and therefore subject to corrosion. And corrosion can lead to bone loss.

To avoid these health issues, Dr. Gashinsky is one of only 5 dentists in New Jersey and a Premier Provider with extensive experience in placing zirconia implants.

Well over 100 million Americans suffer some form tooth loss, and today zirconia dental implants represent the most aesthetic option available for tooth replacement.

Zirconia implants are comfortable for patients and present the most natural looking results.  Most importantly, zirconia dental implants perform just like natural teeth.

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Zirconia form

Zirconia dental implants:

  • Improve one’s ability to bite and chew

  • Function exactly like natural teeth

  • Do not interfere with adjacent teeth

  • Provide a more youthful appearance to the face and jaw line

  • Eliminate bone deterioration that can occur with tooth loss

  • Do not cause unsightly metal coloring around the gums

  • Are metal free and do not corrode or break down in your mouth

  • Easy to keep clean because they do not attract nor accumulate plaque

  • Do not conduct electricity or interfere with the body’s meridian energy pathways

  • Provide stability without the need for messy adhesives.