What is Holistic Dentistry

holistic dentistryHealthy Mouth – Healthy Body

The word “holistic” is not a reflection of the practices and techniques used by a dentist, but of an overall philosophy of the role of oral care. The word itself comes from “wholistic” meaning “the whole.” Truly holistic dentists will educate their patients on the importance of overall health and how dentistry can play an important role in your overall health. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Gashinsky treats the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.

holistic dentistryHolistic teeth cleaning stands apart from a “regular” teeth cleaning. Our holistic system helps prevent the introduction of harmful bacteria into the gums and allows for an enhanced immune response.

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To understand how your teeth have an effect on your body, see the Meridian Tooth Chart and click on the teeth.
Total well-being is a priority for our dentistry. We focus on services that offer you optimal health by using biocompatible materials that work well with the chemistry in your body and minimally invasive procedures that do not harm the natural flow of your body’s healing process.


Our philosophy of holistic dental medicine is one that focuses on performing dentistry that is good for the body as well as the teeth and gums.

Holistic approach to dental hygiene

holistic approach to dentalWith a healthier, safer approach to dental cleanings, a holistic dentistry teeth cleaning stands apart from a “regular” teeth cleaning for several reasons. An iodine irrigation system helps prevent the introduction of harmful bacteria into the gums. Rather than just using “plain” water, we infuse essential oils and ozonate the water, which not only disinfects the area being treated but allows for an enhanced immune response.

Digital X-Rays

Our use of digital X-ray machines means your radiation exposure is decreased by an incredible 90 percent.

Fluoride-free Prophylaxis

In Dr Gashinsky holistic dental center we are not using fluoride treatment. There are other alternatives ,that can be use to re-mineralise enamel of the tooth, without giving patients chemicals they don’t need. (Click here for more information about the dangers of fluoride.)

Biocompatible Materials

In the dental profession, literally thousands of materials are available to be utilized on our patients. Although all these materials are FDA approved, this in no way means that they will be compatible with the various sensitivities of each and every patient.


To the hypersensitive patient, an adverse reaction to a dental material can be toxic and result in serious health problems. For this reason we utilize the Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing for all patients we suspect may have material sensitivities.

Meridian Tooth Chart

If you think about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, meridians (energy channels or pathways), and chi (energy), you should give this ancient method of diagnosis and treatment a chance. It has been used for thousands of years and is still used and taught to students all over the world. The Meridian Tooth Chart shows that the mouth and body are interconnected. What affects your teeth can have a different influence on other organs in your body. Just click on the tooth below to see which teeth and organs are in the same meridian. Click here for a large version of the chart.



For the last sixty years, fluoride use has been touted as one of the great public health victories in the United States. Public water fluoridation is promoted throughout the country as an important measure to combat tooth decay. This is an important fact. Ninety seven percent of Western Europe has chosen fluoride free water. Fluoride is the only chemical added to water for purposes of medication- prevention of tooth decay. This same chemical is the active ingredient in many pesticides and rodenticides. Excessive exposure to fluoride may cause skeletal fluorosis- a condition easily confused with arthritis or osteoarthritis. Ingestion of fluoride may lead to osteomalacia – a condition in which the bone is not well mineralized. There are many other potentially deleterious effects associated with the ingestion of this chemical.

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