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safe mercury removal

The Mercury-Free (R)Evolution in Dentistry

A mountain of scientific evidence has made it clear that “silver” mercury amalgam fillings pose very real health risks to patients, dental workers, and the environment. Despite that, – and despite new FDA’s guidelines saying that amalgam shouldn’t be used in roughly two-thirds of the US population – the American

Root Canals

What Your Dentist Probably Neglected to Tell You About Root Canals

One of the most important rights you have as a patient is the right of informed consent. The “informed” part is crucial. How can you truly agree to – or refuse – any treatment without understanding what it involves, potential alternative treatments, and the risks and benefits of each, including

Dental Technology

The Thyroid: How One Little Gland Can Affect Your Oral Health

Little things mean a lot, as the song goes, and that’s certainly true for one little powerhouse of a gland: the thyroid, which sits just above your collarbone and just below your larynx (voicebox). The hormones it secretes affect every tissue and organ and cell in your body. They regulate

Dental Technology

Assessing Your Oral Health with Phase Contrast Microscopy

Despite what decades of advertising have led a lot of people to believe, a healthy mouth isn’t a germ-free mouth. In fact, a germ-free mouth isn’t even possible. Your mouth is always teeming with microbes, including viruses, fungi, parasites, and an estimated 20 billion bacteria. More than 600 species of

biological dentistry

Only Some Dentists Can Say They’re a Certified Biological Dentist

In case you missed our last post, we discussed the SMART certification that lets you know if a dentist practices mercury-free, mercury safe dentistry. But it doesn’t tell you whether they practice holistic, biological dentistry. Truth be told, any dentist can say they do holistic or biological dentistry, whether they

safe mercury removal

When Getting Mercury Fillings Removed, Choose a SMART-Certified Dentist. Here’s Why.

When Getting Mercury Fillings Removed, Choose a SMART-Certified Dentist. Here’s Why. Though the past couple years have been rough going, they’ve included some great developments, as well. For one, the FDA finally acknowledged that dental amalgam – the mercury alloy used to make “silver” fillings – is NOT, in fact,


Keeping Tooth Enamel Intact – the Fluoride-Free Way!

Keeping Tooth Enamel Intact – the Fluoride-Free Way! Looking at a tooth, it can be hard to realize that each one is a living organ. They look so hard. White. Bone-like. But that’s just the enamel you’re seeing, which protects the living tissues inside. In fact, enamel is the hardest

biological dentistry

Oral Health & Lyme Disease: A Two-Way Street

Oral Health & Lyme Disease: A Two-Way Street Summertime is outdoor time, and here in New Jersey, that also means a time when you’re more likely to meet up with the deer ticks that carry B. burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. Up to half of those ticks carry


Oral Care During Your Pregnancy

Oral Care During Your Pregnancy Some myths are particularly hard to bust – like the belief that you should avoid the dentist during pregnancy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, there are some procedures that should be delayed. Having mercury amalgam fillings removed, for instance, is something to

Dental Implants

6 reasons missing teeth can impact your health

6 Reasons Missing Teeth Can Impact Your Health Missing teeth put you at risk for other dental problems as well as systemic health issues. That’s why it’s crucial to replace missing teeth with dental implants. 1. Missing teeth make eating difficult Individuals with missing teeth often report pain or difficulties

biological dentistry

Taking Your Dental Care to a Higher Level with Ozone

Taking Your Dental Care to a Higher Level with Ozone Hear the word “ozone,” and you might think of pollution. It’s the main component of smog, after all. Or you might think of the ozone layer in our atmosphere that protects us from the sun’s UV rays – the one

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